Daisy’s Puppies ~ Two Weeks Old

Hope everyone had an awesome Labor Day weekend.  We were busy with puppy duties having cut 234 puppy nails between our two litters!  Nails really grow fast now so trimming them weekly is a must.

We have some pretty active little puppers here with eyes starting to open as you’ll see from the pics below.  They’re doing belly crawls at record speed and pretty much are on to doing their “wobble” walking now.  These pups are such sweethearts.  They love to nuzzle in our necks when we cuddle them and then they’ll fall fast asleep.

Thanks for taking a look at our Daisy puppies as they grow up!  We’ll do another photo session at the four week mark….








Here are a couple of shots that I thought were adorable….

"This photo session is wearing me out!"

"Ah.....napping after a long hard day being a pup"


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