Cammie’s Puppies ~ At Two Weeks

Our little ones’ eyes have started to open this week.  Some have just little slit-openings, but they’re getting there!  We also have some early “wobblers” this week  just discovering they’ve got legs.  They get up on all fours, wobble back and forth and then just kind of do a slow tumble over….just so funny to watch.  Today we did nail trims and everybody just slept right through it all.

After grooming chores, snuggle time came and Cammie got her share of hugs and belly rubs in there too.  She’s a very attentive mama and as soon as she hears a peep from her babies, she’s right there to check things out!!

The photo session of our little “hams” went really well.  I wonder if they’ll ever know how adorable they are!  🙂  Thanks for following our puppies on their journey…..

~ Callie ~

~ Clifford ~

~ Clancy ~

~ Carmella ~

~ Clement ~

~ Cinnie ~

Now for some cute “out-takes” ………….

~ Our little pumpkin in the pumpkin patch"

"Tickle me and I open wide"

"Okay, photo session over, I'm outta here!"


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