Cammie x Vincent Puppies ~ Five Weeks Old

Hello everyone!  I just cannot believe Cammie’s pups are five weeks old already.  All three are doing very well adjusting to the weaning process, getting plenty to eat between puppy food and nursing.  The pictures this week tell it all!  This crew is so affectionate, they simply “melt” and nuzzle into the nape of your neck when you pick them up.  Cammie is teaching her babies proper manners now and to do this, she uses a soft, gentle growl to communicate what she expects.  It’s truly amazing how quickly they “get it!”  To work on socializing them at this stage, we give them each one-on-one time with us during the day for gentle play time as want to nurture their confidence in us!

Thanks for taking a peek at our puppies this week!

Cream Girl

Red Boy

Yellow Boy


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