Wow…here we are at our four-week-old debut!  We have little tails wagging now and lots of playing and interacting going on between them.  I am absolutely thrilled with the personalities I see developing in these three puppies.  We’ve introduced them to lots of toys, but they much prefer chewing on each other’s noses and paws instead!  They respond to my voice as well now.  When I call “puppies,” they get so excited and come running to the front of the whelping area to greet me.  We’ll start slowly weaning them onto puppy “mush” this week so that’ll be yet another milestone for them.  We hope you enjoy the pics from our photo session this week.  They sure are all little “hams” for the camera!

Happy Valentine’s Day, XXX’s and OOO’s  from our babies!  Thanks for watching us grow!!! 

No Collar Boy

Cream Girl

Yellow Boy

 Now for a few “Pics of the Week” ……………

"This Is Getting Really Boring Now!"

"Taking Time to Smell the Roses"

"I Love You Mommy"


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