Daisy x Vince ~ 3 Weeks Old

Our photo session was so much fun today!  We’ve some really cute pictures to share this week of our little valentines who have just turned three weeks old.  We’re now into the “social development” period learning how to “play nice!”  There’s lots of mouthing and play fighting going on but that’s all normal behavior for puppies at this stage.  We also have some really vocal characters in the group who now and then let out quick outbursts of barking which is pretty funny.  We’re all snuggled in here and are just enjoying spoiling our babies.  Thanks for taking a peek at us!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!   XXX’s and OOO’s from our little sweethearts here ……………….

Dark Green Boy

Blue Boy

Red Boy

Light Green Boy

Pink Girl

White Ribbon Boy

Yellow Boy


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