Cammie x Vince ~ At Three Weeks

Here we are at three weeks, the “Almost Ready to Meet the World” stage!   We’ve got some real “love bugs” here.  I’ll go to sit near them and it won’t be long before they’ll all wiggle over to me for belly rubs.   Our little entertainers are starting to paw and mouth each other already building some early social skills.  So…..for now we’re all cozy and nestled in here on “Walt’s Mountain”  just getting ready for the big snow storm this weekend!   Hope everyone stays safe and warm.   Thanks for watching our Cammie puppies grow!

No Collar Boy

Pic #2 of No Collar Boy

Cream Girl

Pic #2 Cream Girl

Yellow Boy

Pic #2 Yellow Boy

"How About a Hug?"

"Hey That's My Nose!!"


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