Happy first week birthday to our Daisy and Vince puppies!   Our photo session went well today!  We have some adorable little “twitchers” here just dreaming the day away.  These twitching movements are called “activated sleep” and helps strengthen their legs.  Sometimes they do a little yip while sleeping.  All are gaining weight very nicely and each love their cuddle time by Walt and I.  The gentle touching and handling they receive from us throughout their day helps them in the bonding process.

This time in their development is the “Transitional Stage.”  Eyes will start to open within the next week or so as will their ear canals.  The strength they have early on here simply amazes me!  They will crawl to mama at record speed when it’s time to nurse.  You can always count on a race to the finish line at the milk bar! 

Thanks for taking a peek at our newest babies!

Red Boy


Pink Girl


Light Green Boy


Dark Green Boy


Yellow Boy


Blue Boy


White Ribbon Boy


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